Dr. Yonten in Canada

Canada, local news; Yorkregion.com wrote:

It’s very important to preserve and promote ancient healing systems,” according to Dr. Yonten. “Because that has benefitted and sustained for many thousand years in this world and is still benefitting. Ancient healing systems are mainly based on herbs, natural healing and spiritual practices, not on chemical substances.”

As an example of how Tibetan medicine is utilized, if a person has a headache caused by stress, it is suggested the person think positively and meditate to relax the mind.

Headaches, Dr. Yonten said, can also be treated through diet and lifestyle.

“There are so many other holistic (remedies) for different illnesses, which are so simple. But we neglect them due to fear and stress. We want immediate cures and depend on medicines,” he said.

News Clip, April 2011, Canada



His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama

Everyone wants to be well and no one wishes to be sick. Consequently health is not a matter of merely personal interest, but a universal concern for which we all share some responsibility.
  This is why the ideal physician is one who combines sound medical understanding with compassion and wisdom.

- His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama